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Mysteries of Space and Time Gavin Macdonald

Mysteries of Space and Time

Gavin Macdonald

Published August 12th 2013
ISBN : 9781291514988
196 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

A writer of popular science fiction stories, which bear little resemblance to reality, takes a trip to the moon on a space ship. But how will he cope with the tricks that the crew will play on him? Because every robot has the Three Laws of Robotics implanted in his brain, he is unable to harm a human being. How then can robots, who are vastly superior to humans in every respect, attain their goal of becoming masters of the universe? A man goes back in time to kill his grandfather? But how is it possible for him to do so when, at the time of the killing, his father has not yet been born? A robot, who has suffered a mental breakdown, is fond in a securely locked room with a dead man and the gun with which he has been killed. Can Inspector Bailey solve the mystery, knowing that he will be hounded from his job and finish up on the breadline by the all powerful Robots Inc if he comes to the conclusion that the robot committed the murder? These and eight other inventive science fiction are in this volume.