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All She Was Worth Miyuki Miyabe

All She Was Worth

Miyuki Miyabe

ISBN : 9780618711789
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 About the Book 

All She was Worth was billed to me as a mystery and thriller and aside from reading Haruki Murakami and Banana Yoshimoto, Ive not read a lot of Japanese Literature so I was intrigued to see how this would pan out. Would I be introduced to Japans answer to Lisbeth Salander, Endeavour Morse or Magnum PI? Er no. None of the above. You will be introduced to Tokyo Metropolitan Police Detective Shunsuke Honma who is polite, and dogged and due to an injury at work is taking his crime solving at a more leisurely pace.And I have to say that for an eagerly anticipated thriller, this book had about as much pace as a slug covered in treacle trying to tow a tiny slug-sized cluster of Atlas Balls. I actually had to slog (and slug) through the pages and found my attention prone to a good old wander. In fact sometimes my attention wandered so far it came back with souvenirs.To provide a sketchy plot outline all you need know is that a young girl has gone missing and in the course of trying to track her down, an identity switcheroo becomes apparent. This leads to a lot of explanations dealing with Japanese identity, the logistics of altering and stealing identity in Japan (where family identity rather than individual identity is recorded) and also a bafflingly in-depth look at the world of Japanese banking, credit cards and the murky world of money lending. If you hold a deep seated interest in modern Japanese culture, particularly the more obscure economic facts then this is the book for you. If this last group of subjects are of no particular interest to you then, like me, you might find your attention span taking a little vacation and turning up a few hours later with a straw donkey under one arm and some duty free booze under the other.