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Beyond the Barrier Damon Knight

Beyond the Barrier

Damon Knight

Published 1966
Mass Market Paperback
123 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

I really enjoyed this one... Prof. Gordon Naismith is multi-teaching his physics class when someone asks him what a Zug is. This leads him to remember he is really from the distant future, and two rival groups are trying to convince him to help him get rid of the other. While the near future (1980), is not very exciting, the only sign of future tech is the ability to have a teach be in multiple classrooms at once, and still retain the memories of each, that, and video phones (of course). Id think that would trigger lots of other stuff, but since it wasnt important to the story (the book shifted to future locales less than 1/2 way though).The time travel bits were almost a joke, but they works for the story, and there was a really cool scene with the main character driving through the Earth and out the other side that was really well done.Im on a good streak for endings, as this one was once again a good, interesting twist that left me satisfied. Definitely recommended.