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The Retired Females Re-Emancipation Mendell R.Martin

The Retired Females Re-Emancipation

Mendell R.Martin

Published June 23rd 2015
Kindle Edition
126 pages
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 About the Book 

Once again, Mendell shares his levity, wisdom, and guidance in a light hearted yet fundamentally sound book of articles, short stories, and alerts targeted at the Female Junior-Seniors. Those active Boomer ladies now entering retirement. The term re-emancipation refers to the renewed freedom the boomer women can now achieve. Those women whose lives thus far have been fully and completely occupied with professional, personal, children, soccer, husband, household, finance, shuttle driver, and protector just to mention a few.As their careers wind down, and children leave the nest, these boomer women are ready for retirement. But what is next. Their emancipation takes on a whole new set of challenges. Do boomer women embrace retirement as it has fundamentally been defined?, or rather do they redefine it.This book is a collection of Senior-Senior insights and focuses on women and their transition into retirement a Junior-Seniors.A glance into the inevitable...Or will they define a new generation retirement, keeping in step with their previous 30 years?Its a fun and insightful read.